Sunday, May 13, 2012

STYLES by The Gotters!

Eddie and Sofia (vectroscope)Gotter are two up and coming designers making a range of styles for the discerning fashionista.  They will be featured in an upcoming inworld television show, Fashion Fix. hosted by the lovely Starlett Nightfire.   Starlett will interview Eddie and Sofia about their journey into Second Life fashion design and what they plan going forward.  They will be introducing some of their latest collection on the runway during the show so that the viewer can actually see the designs styled and worn by inworld models.  This is much preferable to seeing pictures in a shop.   To give you an idea of the fashions the Gotters have created, here are some pictures of items I have modeled for them in the past and, as a tease, one from the new collection!

First, from the Year of the Dragon show hosted by the Rema Agency!   Note that Sofia has created the ++WTG++ GNR-Rose jewelry you see here as well!  Hair from Tukinowaguma.

The dress is called Ruby Red Dragon and it shimmers and moves in a room so that all eyes are on the one wearing it.  It comes with a fabulous dragon crown to adorn the hair.  The jewels with it were made by Sophia.

Next we have Hera, a gorgeous, floating lime green dress adorned with ++WTG++ Shooting Star gold jewels by Sofia. Hair from Plume.

Next I present Diamond Opal.  It is a lovely dancing gown adorned with a flowered poof at the shoulder and a teasingly fluttering hemline so you can show off your dancing shoes.

And finally, one of The Gotters new releases, Lady Di (Peach) and I hope this picture gives justice to a gown named for a true lady. Jewelry from Finesmith.

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Pulse TV Network presents Fashion Fix!

Well, it appears to be a couple solstices past where I posted last time.  My Muse has been standing in a long, long line of RL things that demanded attention with some priority.  But, I've worked my way back to her and so here we are.

Wow, where to start!  Let's go right to a fabulous inworld television program called Fashion Fix, hosted by the lovely Starlett Nightfire.  If you are reading this, it's safe to assume you are a total fashionista!   This show features one and sometimes two different designers each time it tapes in front of a live SL audience.  Generally it tapes live on a Saturday evening around 6PM.  The benefit to coming is that you can hear actual SL designers talk about what they produce inworld and you get a good, up close look at what they make and where they are going.  Also, you get to see SL Models walk the runway with that designers products so you aren't looking at just flat vendor pictures in a shop.  You can see the way the outfits have been styled and the way they move and look before you decide to buy.  The interviews are revealing and they always conclude by "introducing the designs."

Some recent guests have been Pipins, Avant Garde Designer Angiliak Crystal with her surreal, futuristic kimono show!  Inga Wind, a very creative designer brought her new mesh collection to the show.  Coming up next will be an interview with Morgane Batista, a posemaker who has contributed a lot of herself to the SL community.  Also, The Gotters, clothing designers, will be presenting their designs on the show. Eddie and his lovely wife Sofia (Vectroscope) Gotter will be interviewed.  I will cover them exclusively in a separate entry once the items are introduced (not wanting to "scoop" the interview). 

Second Life is way more than social networking.  This particular show, Fashion Fix, puts you right up next to the runway and into the television studio in a virtual setting.  You get the scoop on designers you know and designers you have not yet heard of.  It's way more fun than teleporting all over to find things you may want.  It certainly doesn't replace the "shopping" but it does add a new dimension and feel to seeing designers and getting ideas.   Here you can meet and greet designers from all over SL who come to see and support their peers.  It lasts just about an hour and be sure you have your volume turned up!

As an added bonus, designers usually bring along a free item for the studio audience participants to take with them at the end of the show.  It is fun to get a treat!  The producers also have a fun after party with a DJ and they dance like rock stars!

If you miss Fashion Fix in the studio due to your busy schedule (we are all very busy), you can bring it up on the web for a replay anytime you like!   Here are landmarks and a URL so you can watch the shows!

On the Web, find all the shows at:

Pulse TV Network - Fashion Fix Studio Inworld is at
The Pulse TV Network, Cyberstar (219, 190, 1708)
Studio Seating Begins at 6 PM SLT on Saturday Evenings