Friday, December 28, 2012

Well, I'm just so not ready to leave the past yet.  There are parties on the way after all!  So many choices in SL!  I wonder how it would work if we had these choices in RL?  So, as I mentioned in my previous posting today, I got a wonderful prezzie from Santas pack just inside the entrance to the Curious Seamstress shop.

This is a lovely peach gown called "Profane Angel."  Now, while I consider myself somewhat angelic (and certainly others are entitled to their own opinions on that subject), I just had to put it on and style it up for a party.  I am wearing a wonderful updo from Sonatta Morales and I just had to put on some lovely pearl earrings and a matching bracelet from Eclectica.  Naturally, as it is snowing in my part of the world I felt I needed something cozy and so I put on a lovely white fur from Saschas collection.  The gloves are a nice touch from Purple Moon.  I have included a photo both with and without the fur so you can see the detail on the gown.  Do pop on in to the Curious Seamstress and dress yourself to *impress!* You will definitely turn some heads with just about anything you choose and, if you are not invited to "the right party" then make your own party!  Invite friends and ring in the New Year properly!  So, go get your party dress and dancing shoes and party on!

Eli (the Party Animal Angel) speaking to you from the blogosphere!

Beautiful Vintage from the Curious Seamstress

Oh my!  It's been so hectic lately with the holidays and, while they were filled with good friends and fun, I do need a bit of a rest.   So, looking past the recent festivities in my rear view mirror, I cast my gaze back to the 1920s to see the pretty things people wore back then.  Of course, the 1920s had their challenges too but as I am where I am in time, I am permitted the liberty of viewing those years through the filters I choose.  Having done that, I paid a trip to a shop I consider irresistible not only because I love vintage but also the name.  How could I possibly *not* visit The Curious Seamstress? 

One thing I noticed right away is that the shop is relatively free of lag and it is not huge.  This is good because it is easy to find things here.  I bought a 1920s Day Dress and some shoes to go with it. Actually I bought more than that but one thing at a time.  I felt like I really needed a day dress so I could drift through my day and just feel civilized.  The dress is called Eau de Nile which I thought was a rather nice name.  In the folder with the dress was a very informative notecard educating me to the little known fact that this name was in fact *a color*!  The dress was named as it was colored which was relevant to the fact that in 1922 King Tut's Tomb was discovered and so naturally, Nile madness ensued along with about anything Egyptian.  So, the people of the 1029s weren't all that different from us.  We have our moments.

Another thing I noticed about all the clothes in this shop is the research and care that goes into each outfit to keep it historically accurate.  The underclothing is historically correct and is provided with nearly every outfit.  Fast forwarding to SL time, the designer has thoughtfully provided resizers in the bits that you might want to adjust to look your best.

The shoes!  Egad!  You can buy shoes here from the 20's and 30's.  You can buy day shoes, party shoes, open toed and close toed shoes with straps.  There is no reason for you to need to go rooting through your inventory to find shoes that might "pass" for the real thing.  They are all right here my darlings and they are all fabulous.

Kembri Tomsen, my lighthouse of information, designer of fine historically accurate clothing, and the owner of this shop has got clothing for you here from the Edwardian Era (oooh you MUST see the Wedding Gown just upstairs) through the 1930's.  She also has clothing for child avatars and so if you have a child avie or you are one, you would be well served to come take a look.

Final click the gift bag as you come in the store.  You will *not* be disappointed!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Want some totally HOT Coffee? Black Market...Go Now

Okies here it is you fellow coffee hounds!  Yes!  Those of us who are in the eternal search for the perfect cup.  All steaming and offering the warm and happy scents that wake your brain up before you have even taken the first sip.  Yes!  That's what I mean.  So, now imagine you have a sexy mesh top to wear out on your hunt.  A mesh top that, even if you spill on it, is exactly the right color.  Oh yeah.  Always try to color coordinate with your food when eating out.  It makes you more socially acceptable and cuts down on the dry cleaning bills.

Here it is!  The mesh Inaya top in a perfect, light coffee color.  Take a look.  How can you possibly not add this to your wardrobe.  Just get it.  It will be there waiting when you are talking to yourself about not being able to find a top to go with those skinny jeans you just bought. 

So, fashionistas of the virtual world!  Get on over to the Black Market (The Black Market, Calista (88, 198, 23) and get this top from [[Masoom]]!  It's at a special price right now so get it! Get it?

The BLACK MARKET and Masoom!

The thought of a Black Market gets me all tickly inside.   How good can this be?  Well it gets even better actually.  I'm sort of in a Christmas funk.  My wrapping skills are horrible.  My cat is all wound up in sticky tape.  I have tinsel in my hair and it's just time to think about possibilities in Second Life.  So here I am, wearing the fabulous Liza mesh dress from [[Masoom]] thinking about sunset at the beach in the summer time.  It all makes sense really.  I have the best of all worlds.  I'm fabulously dressed and ready for any Christmas (or other) party I get invited to.  I'm wearing a lovely, cropped off shoulder, white mesh dress with a sexy drop hem.  And I've got flowers in my hair to make me look festive.  So you party people!  Get yourselves off to the Black Market (The Black Market, Calista (88, 198, 23) and grab this classy and fabulous dress which I just know you can wear year around! 

Eye Candy?? What??? Yum!

Well, it's nearly Christmas time here in SL.  We denizens of this virtual world have been virtually treated to a lot of holidays this time of year that we had maybe only heard about.  It's been fun going to all the parties and learning how the people around us in this huge place celebrate.  I once had a calendar on my desk in RL that had at least one holiday celebration listed for every day of the year somewhere in the world.  I could easily have become a total party animal had I more time but, I didn't.  So, here I am in SL, ironing my Christmas Stocking so Santa will be impressed and fill it extra full.  Nah. I'm not a material girl at all.  Nope.  (I'm the Queen of Denial some days though)

So, along comes this totally Christmas ready outfit from [[Masoom]]  !!!!  It was naturally called Eye Candy and so I wanted to share it with you all.  It's fat free and you can take it anywhere!  Have a look.

Okay so, now where is that Santa Baby guy with my prezzies?   Must I have another cup of Wassail?   Yes I think I shall!  This outfit feels so good.  It's a fabulous short skirt so I can sit anywhere I like with a sexy sweetheart cutout to provide interest to casual observers.  Eye Candy also has a warm, seasonal white, fur collar and cuffs.   The snowy slippers came to me as a gift a long time ago.  I never do trip over the antlers.

So I would strongly suggest you make a holiday shopping trip to the Black Market  (The Black Market, Calista (88, 198, 23)) and indulge yourself.   As you see, the entire time I've been discussing this, dear Santa has yet to arrive.  OK so I'm going for the wassail now.  Merry Christmas you darling Fashionistas!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

[[Masoom]] has begun The Ancient Hunt

One of the things I have fun with in SL is the "Hunt."  I love hunting for things unless my car keys are in that hunt somewhere.  In SL it's all good.  There are treats galore for so many themes.  You just pick what thrills you and you go for it. 

[[Masoom]] is the starting place for The Ancient Hunt which has already started and runs until December 25!  This should tide you over until you get your Christmas prezzies! Here are the details of that hunt.

Dates : 25th November 2012 to 25th December 2012

Start Location in SL: [[Masoom]] Main Store @ Higher's Hideout

Rules :
At the start location, Get your Master notecard from the lamp at reception.
It gives you a complete list of landmarks and clues of gifts,
1- Pick a landmark,
2- Teleport to the spot,
3- Follow the clue to guide you right to the gift

Join Group for Hunters :
( Copy the above line, past in local, press enter, there should appear a link in your local chat that would let you join the group named ::: Masoom :::

For pictures of the contributed gifts from TAH designer, visit

Thank you for taking time to read this and happy hunting,
Amberchaudry corpur & Higher Enoch

Here you can see the Ancient Hunt Dress which should totally tempt you to get hunting!


Monday, October 1, 2012

Ok so I find the Falltime football season a bit.....

So, I was shopping in Second Life at Masoom today and ran into the most excellent, football season attire a girl could want.  It's a fabulous mesh baggy top with a sexy dropped shoulder.  Naturally, since I love sparkling things, it is trimmed with diamonds and and a sparkling silver border.  I even get my own number!  I am absolutely certain that when wearing this, I will have no trouble being properly entertained at halftime.  Heck, I might not even need to wait until halftime. So, if you find you are becoming neglected with those silly games on the telly, just pop on over to Masoom and check out their cool stuff.  I suppose that I should tell you that starting today (October 1) this outfit is on sale for half the regular price at Designer Circle for the next 12 days!  So, why are you sitting there with your fingers in that chip bowl? Run!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Eli and the Unicorn

Who doesn't love a Unicorn.  This supposedly mythical creature will only lie down with a maiden having a pure and true heart.  Somehow I think may of us carry that Unicorn trait.  We look and look until "the one" presents himself or herself  to us.  We put forth the challenge and we wait to see if the other will pick it up and prove to be the one we have been looking for.

I wish it was that easy.  But, in Second Life, there is a Unicorn.  I found it at a shop called Studio Sidhe where poses and pose props are made and sold.  This Unicorn is lovely. Well proportioned and well mannered with 5 fabulous poses which tell me the creator completely understands Unicorns.
Find here a couple of pictures I took with my new friend the Unicorn.  I found that my gown previously worn in The Year of the Dragon show really impressed the Unicorn and so I shall wear it often when we ride! 

Here is the Challenge presented by the Unicorn (Studio Sidhe).  Eli, wearing the Ruby Red Dragon (Styles by Gotter) holds firm and passes the test.

Here, Eli and the Unicorn find peace (another pose) at sunrise just at the edge of the sea.

It is said that having loved and been loved by a Unicorn is so precious that it is all you ever need.
So if you are feeling the need for some fabulous fantasy, take the challenge. Find your Unicorn.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

STYLES by The Gotters!

Eddie and Sofia (vectroscope)Gotter are two up and coming designers making a range of styles for the discerning fashionista.  They will be featured in an upcoming inworld television show, Fashion Fix. hosted by the lovely Starlett Nightfire.   Starlett will interview Eddie and Sofia about their journey into Second Life fashion design and what they plan going forward.  They will be introducing some of their latest collection on the runway during the show so that the viewer can actually see the designs styled and worn by inworld models.  This is much preferable to seeing pictures in a shop.   To give you an idea of the fashions the Gotters have created, here are some pictures of items I have modeled for them in the past and, as a tease, one from the new collection!

First, from the Year of the Dragon show hosted by the Rema Agency!   Note that Sofia has created the ++WTG++ GNR-Rose jewelry you see here as well!  Hair from Tukinowaguma.

The dress is called Ruby Red Dragon and it shimmers and moves in a room so that all eyes are on the one wearing it.  It comes with a fabulous dragon crown to adorn the hair.  The jewels with it were made by Sophia.

Next we have Hera, a gorgeous, floating lime green dress adorned with ++WTG++ Shooting Star gold jewels by Sofia. Hair from Plume.

Next I present Diamond Opal.  It is a lovely dancing gown adorned with a flowered poof at the shoulder and a teasingly fluttering hemline so you can show off your dancing shoes.

And finally, one of The Gotters new releases, Lady Di (Peach) and I hope this picture gives justice to a gown named for a true lady. Jewelry from Finesmith.

Store Blog:
Flicker Group:

Pulse TV Network presents Fashion Fix!

Well, it appears to be a couple solstices past where I posted last time.  My Muse has been standing in a long, long line of RL things that demanded attention with some priority.  But, I've worked my way back to her and so here we are.

Wow, where to start!  Let's go right to a fabulous inworld television program called Fashion Fix, hosted by the lovely Starlett Nightfire.  If you are reading this, it's safe to assume you are a total fashionista!   This show features one and sometimes two different designers each time it tapes in front of a live SL audience.  Generally it tapes live on a Saturday evening around 6PM.  The benefit to coming is that you can hear actual SL designers talk about what they produce inworld and you get a good, up close look at what they make and where they are going.  Also, you get to see SL Models walk the runway with that designers products so you aren't looking at just flat vendor pictures in a shop.  You can see the way the outfits have been styled and the way they move and look before you decide to buy.  The interviews are revealing and they always conclude by "introducing the designs."

Some recent guests have been Pipins, Avant Garde Designer Angiliak Crystal with her surreal, futuristic kimono show!  Inga Wind, a very creative designer brought her new mesh collection to the show.  Coming up next will be an interview with Morgane Batista, a posemaker who has contributed a lot of herself to the SL community.  Also, The Gotters, clothing designers, will be presenting their designs on the show. Eddie and his lovely wife Sofia (Vectroscope) Gotter will be interviewed.  I will cover them exclusively in a separate entry once the items are introduced (not wanting to "scoop" the interview). 

Second Life is way more than social networking.  This particular show, Fashion Fix, puts you right up next to the runway and into the television studio in a virtual setting.  You get the scoop on designers you know and designers you have not yet heard of.  It's way more fun than teleporting all over to find things you may want.  It certainly doesn't replace the "shopping" but it does add a new dimension and feel to seeing designers and getting ideas.   Here you can meet and greet designers from all over SL who come to see and support their peers.  It lasts just about an hour and be sure you have your volume turned up!

As an added bonus, designers usually bring along a free item for the studio audience participants to take with them at the end of the show.  It is fun to get a treat!  The producers also have a fun after party with a DJ and they dance like rock stars!

If you miss Fashion Fix in the studio due to your busy schedule (we are all very busy), you can bring it up on the web for a replay anytime you like!   Here are landmarks and a URL so you can watch the shows!

On the Web, find all the shows at:

Pulse TV Network - Fashion Fix Studio Inworld is at
The Pulse TV Network, Cyberstar (219, 190, 1708)
Studio Seating Begins at 6 PM SLT on Saturday Evenings