Friday, December 28, 2012

Beautiful Vintage from the Curious Seamstress

Oh my!  It's been so hectic lately with the holidays and, while they were filled with good friends and fun, I do need a bit of a rest.   So, looking past the recent festivities in my rear view mirror, I cast my gaze back to the 1920s to see the pretty things people wore back then.  Of course, the 1920s had their challenges too but as I am where I am in time, I am permitted the liberty of viewing those years through the filters I choose.  Having done that, I paid a trip to a shop I consider irresistible not only because I love vintage but also the name.  How could I possibly *not* visit The Curious Seamstress? 

One thing I noticed right away is that the shop is relatively free of lag and it is not huge.  This is good because it is easy to find things here.  I bought a 1920s Day Dress and some shoes to go with it. Actually I bought more than that but one thing at a time.  I felt like I really needed a day dress so I could drift through my day and just feel civilized.  The dress is called Eau de Nile which I thought was a rather nice name.  In the folder with the dress was a very informative notecard educating me to the little known fact that this name was in fact *a color*!  The dress was named as it was colored which was relevant to the fact that in 1922 King Tut's Tomb was discovered and so naturally, Nile madness ensued along with about anything Egyptian.  So, the people of the 1029s weren't all that different from us.  We have our moments.

Another thing I noticed about all the clothes in this shop is the research and care that goes into each outfit to keep it historically accurate.  The underclothing is historically correct and is provided with nearly every outfit.  Fast forwarding to SL time, the designer has thoughtfully provided resizers in the bits that you might want to adjust to look your best.

The shoes!  Egad!  You can buy shoes here from the 20's and 30's.  You can buy day shoes, party shoes, open toed and close toed shoes with straps.  There is no reason for you to need to go rooting through your inventory to find shoes that might "pass" for the real thing.  They are all right here my darlings and they are all fabulous.

Kembri Tomsen, my lighthouse of information, designer of fine historically accurate clothing, and the owner of this shop has got clothing for you here from the Edwardian Era (oooh you MUST see the Wedding Gown just upstairs) through the 1930's.  She also has clothing for child avatars and so if you have a child avie or you are one, you would be well served to come take a look.

Final click the gift bag as you come in the store.  You will *not* be disappointed!

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