Monday, December 17, 2012

Eye Candy?? What??? Yum!

Well, it's nearly Christmas time here in SL.  We denizens of this virtual world have been virtually treated to a lot of holidays this time of year that we had maybe only heard about.  It's been fun going to all the parties and learning how the people around us in this huge place celebrate.  I once had a calendar on my desk in RL that had at least one holiday celebration listed for every day of the year somewhere in the world.  I could easily have become a total party animal had I more time but, I didn't.  So, here I am in SL, ironing my Christmas Stocking so Santa will be impressed and fill it extra full.  Nah. I'm not a material girl at all.  Nope.  (I'm the Queen of Denial some days though)

So, along comes this totally Christmas ready outfit from [[Masoom]]  !!!!  It was naturally called Eye Candy and so I wanted to share it with you all.  It's fat free and you can take it anywhere!  Have a look.

Okay so, now where is that Santa Baby guy with my prezzies?   Must I have another cup of Wassail?   Yes I think I shall!  This outfit feels so good.  It's a fabulous short skirt so I can sit anywhere I like with a sexy sweetheart cutout to provide interest to casual observers.  Eye Candy also has a warm, seasonal white, fur collar and cuffs.   The snowy slippers came to me as a gift a long time ago.  I never do trip over the antlers.

So I would strongly suggest you make a holiday shopping trip to the Black Market  (The Black Market, Calista (88, 198, 23)) and indulge yourself.   As you see, the entire time I've been discussing this, dear Santa has yet to arrive.  OK so I'm going for the wassail now.  Merry Christmas you darling Fashionistas!

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