Friday, November 25, 2011

Well here we are nearing the end of November. 

The Winter Solstice is coming our way and the nights are getting colder and darker in my world.  I can go outside after dark and see the planets shining back at me. As it was too cold to be out during my day in real life, I went shopping!  Gizza had a sale I could not resist taking a look at.  Sale notwithstanding, I ended up getting an outfit I had been staring at for awhile (and NO it was not on sale...grrr.)  But I love it and so I had to take some pics and put them here for you to see. 

This classy outfit is from Gizza and is absolutely complete from the boots to the belly bag (which I just love).  It is fittingly called "La-Di_Da" and the color is Champagne.  I love Champagne and I *really* love shopping at Gizza! Anyhow,  I also just happened to drop by a friends gardens and her place was so beautiful I just had to do some pics there.  So, these pictures show that you can take this outfit literally anywhere in the metaverse and it fits perfectly.

I raise my glass to you all and say "Cheers!"

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Eli Dreams the Dance

Well here I am just drifting around in daydreams and I started thinking about what is possible in dreams.  So, a dream floated right in.  I am a ballerina!  I looked around and there were all the things I needed.  I had the dress, I had the proper jewels and I had the attitude. Nothing else required here in the land of the possible.

I combined some things from Baiastice for the overall look and added pointe shoes from tiny@boudoir and I used a lovely skirt from Cherry Manga.  The tiara is from Alien Bear and I'm just feeling free!  These virtual worlds are places where dreams can come true.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Feel the change in the seasons!

Autumn is here in my part of the world.  So it is for me in SL and I have been just feeling the chill in the air.  Remembering the fun I had kicking leaves as a child, creating huge flurries of color swirling around me made me start thinking of how to recreate that feeling here in SL.  I am modeling two outfits here that are composites from designers who have enabled me to bring the memories of the chilly air, the cold, crisp days, the smell of apples as they sit in baskets in the orchard, and the feeling of being warmly snuggled into fashionable, seasonal outfits!  Only in Second Life!  Isn't it just the best?  Here we go.

Here I wear a stylish brown sweater dress from Ce Cubic effect.  The bulky knit look is like I have not seen before here in SL and it has gotten me many compliments.  I found a lovely copper toned silk shoulder scarf at Hatpins that just brings the season home as it wraps around my shoulders. I have put on some LeeZu tights with some cute autumn leaves on them to keep my legs warm and I slipped into some great, leaf kicking brown Jake Boots from Clocktower Designs.  (secret - everybody wants these boots!)  Here are a couple of pics of me in a total autum leaf fest!

Okay, so after I had my fill of the gorgeous fall colors,  I popped off to another location which necessitated that I color coordinate.   I *am* a model after all and so this was mandated.  As I noticed quite a bit of lovely purples and lavender here, I slipped into my Tres Beau Winter Plum pants and top which I accessorized with my new N-core COQUETTE TFG Glitter shoes in Deep Purple!  As I still felt a bit chilly, I pulled on my Ce Cubic effect Leather and Fur coat which has a luscious shearling lining to keep me toasty warm.   Take a look and just breathe in all the beauty that SL offers to us!  I have so much fun here!  Lateroo!  I'm off to find more treats!  The change of seasons is on the way!  I've got to get ready!

Monday, November 14, 2011

PRISM Fall Knit Collection! Runnnnnnn!

Just when you thought you could not find fab outfits for clubbing or just a walk in the Second Life park!  These new outfits from designer Journey McLaglen, Prism Haute Couture, will absolutely turn heads your way!  I took one of these clubbing last night and the response was fabulous.  The outfits are simple but elegant. They show your voluptuous second life curves very well, and they are easy to style.  The colors, as you can see here, go well in nearly any location so, what are you waiting for?
The outfits, in order are:

Black Sand, set off with Cou earrings from Gems and Kisses, nice simple black socks from CK*, and a feisty fedora from Gabriel.
Blue Charcoal has a cunning bow to draw attention to your fabulous waist.  GK Raven earrings move gracefully just above the lovely knit collar.  The top is a warm knit to keep the chill off as you head to the club to dance the night away.
White Leopard provides a classy leopard patterned knit paired with sexy tan pants, all great for dancing.  Put on some earrings, perhaps a necklace, some nice chocolate colored shoes and you are out the door on your way to fun!
Winter Garden is the last but possibly my favorite. The pale rose colored pants are paired with a complementary knit top made up of a blur of gorgeous eye friendly colors.  The bow at the waist simply ties them together as a gorgeous outfit.  Again, very simple to style! Put on some nice jewelry and maybe your favorite hair or hat and you are off!

PRISM is a fabulous place to shop.  Look for the specials and gifties as well!  Journey has been making things inworld for a long time now and she knows what you want!

Gems and Kisses Jewelry Design!

Gems and Kisses!   Here are some pictures I took showing the wonderful designs of Deliziosa Vendetta, the designer and founder of Gems and Kisses.  I love that name and I just keep saying it.  It makes me smile.  So here we go!

Here is a picture showing the flamboyant A Star is Born! in Platinum.  I bought the entire set and it comes with a hud that lets the owner change the color of the stars to match an outfit and it also assists in "no tears resizing".  How great is that?  The nails are also from GK and are called Vendetta, in platinum.  Again, they come with a hud that allows you to change the color of your nails so that you can use the same set with many outfits.

The second picture here is also Gems and Kisses.  The necklace and earrings are called Raven and I have used the gold set.  There is a platinum set available.  The bracelets are also gold and the set of two is called Shina.   Again, both sets come with the hud that permits easy resizing and offers you the ability to adjust the shine on your jewelry.  This set is curvaceous, intriguing, and very elegant.

Here is one more I just could not resist!  I have paired the Raven necklace with a limited edition AZUL gown for a dramatic effect.

Modeling in Second Life - It's fun and it's definitely work!

So, it seems like the first thing people think of when they consider modeling in Second Life (or in real life for that matter) is that it is glamorous and one will become rich and famous whilst sashaying down a runway wearing some fabulous gown that they could not possibly imagine owning in real life.  I love that dream.  I have found that one thing is true for a second life model and that is, we never need to eat in second life and we can be any shape we like with a bonus of no unexpected bad hair days.  Any bad hair stuff is purely voluntary in second life.
Having said that, being a model in second life is work, requires focus, dedication, and determination.  All these are necessary.  Oh, I don't think I mentioned that modeling also requires money.  Yes, to get going there are many things one needs to procure and maintain to have the right look ready for a given occasion or client.  There is no modeling job that I have run into so far that makes good use of the default avatar one gets on coming inworld.  While it is not mandatory for all clients, a formal education in modeling is very useful.  When starting out I thought I could get by on my good looks.  Now that I have been taught and mentored and experienced some fabulous second life lessons, I realize that there were so many things I needed to understand and, as the profession evolves along with the second life viewer evolutions, there will be more in the future.  Modeling aside, some expertise in tools such as GIMP or Photoshop and some decent photographic ability are going to be huge plusses.  While not mandatory, I think these skills offer a model or potential model an advantage when presenting themselves for scrutiny.  Communication skills, a sense of honor, positive ethics, a willingness to accept criticism, and networking skills are all mandatory.  A model may get started without them but to continue, these all come into the picture.  So, if you are ready, then commit, pay attention, and go for it!