Monday, August 27, 2012

Eli and the Unicorn

Who doesn't love a Unicorn.  This supposedly mythical creature will only lie down with a maiden having a pure and true heart.  Somehow I think may of us carry that Unicorn trait.  We look and look until "the one" presents himself or herself  to us.  We put forth the challenge and we wait to see if the other will pick it up and prove to be the one we have been looking for.

I wish it was that easy.  But, in Second Life, there is a Unicorn.  I found it at a shop called Studio Sidhe where poses and pose props are made and sold.  This Unicorn is lovely. Well proportioned and well mannered with 5 fabulous poses which tell me the creator completely understands Unicorns.
Find here a couple of pictures I took with my new friend the Unicorn.  I found that my gown previously worn in The Year of the Dragon show really impressed the Unicorn and so I shall wear it often when we ride! 

Here is the Challenge presented by the Unicorn (Studio Sidhe).  Eli, wearing the Ruby Red Dragon (Styles by Gotter) holds firm and passes the test.

Here, Eli and the Unicorn find peace (another pose) at sunrise just at the edge of the sea.

It is said that having loved and been loved by a Unicorn is so precious that it is all you ever need.
So if you are feeling the need for some fabulous fantasy, take the challenge. Find your Unicorn.