Thursday, November 29, 2012

[[Masoom]] has begun The Ancient Hunt

One of the things I have fun with in SL is the "Hunt."  I love hunting for things unless my car keys are in that hunt somewhere.  In SL it's all good.  There are treats galore for so many themes.  You just pick what thrills you and you go for it. 

[[Masoom]] is the starting place for The Ancient Hunt which has already started and runs until December 25!  This should tide you over until you get your Christmas prezzies! Here are the details of that hunt.

Dates : 25th November 2012 to 25th December 2012

Start Location in SL: [[Masoom]] Main Store @ Higher's Hideout

Rules :
At the start location, Get your Master notecard from the lamp at reception.
It gives you a complete list of landmarks and clues of gifts,
1- Pick a landmark,
2- Teleport to the spot,
3- Follow the clue to guide you right to the gift

Join Group for Hunters :
( Copy the above line, past in local, press enter, there should appear a link in your local chat that would let you join the group named ::: Masoom :::

For pictures of the contributed gifts from TAH designer, visit

Thank you for taking time to read this and happy hunting,
Amberchaudry corpur & Higher Enoch

Here you can see the Ancient Hunt Dress which should totally tempt you to get hunting!


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