Monday, October 1, 2012

Ok so I find the Falltime football season a bit.....

So, I was shopping in Second Life at Masoom today and ran into the most excellent, football season attire a girl could want.  It's a fabulous mesh baggy top with a sexy dropped shoulder.  Naturally, since I love sparkling things, it is trimmed with diamonds and and a sparkling silver border.  I even get my own number!  I am absolutely certain that when wearing this, I will have no trouble being properly entertained at halftime.  Heck, I might not even need to wait until halftime. So, if you find you are becoming neglected with those silly games on the telly, just pop on over to Masoom and check out their cool stuff.  I suppose that I should tell you that starting today (October 1) this outfit is on sale for half the regular price at Designer Circle for the next 12 days!  So, why are you sitting there with your fingers in that chip bowl? Run!

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