Friday, December 28, 2012

Well, I'm just so not ready to leave the past yet.  There are parties on the way after all!  So many choices in SL!  I wonder how it would work if we had these choices in RL?  So, as I mentioned in my previous posting today, I got a wonderful prezzie from Santas pack just inside the entrance to the Curious Seamstress shop.

This is a lovely peach gown called "Profane Angel."  Now, while I consider myself somewhat angelic (and certainly others are entitled to their own opinions on that subject), I just had to put it on and style it up for a party.  I am wearing a wonderful updo from Sonatta Morales and I just had to put on some lovely pearl earrings and a matching bracelet from Eclectica.  Naturally, as it is snowing in my part of the world I felt I needed something cozy and so I put on a lovely white fur from Saschas collection.  The gloves are a nice touch from Purple Moon.  I have included a photo both with and without the fur so you can see the detail on the gown.  Do pop on in to the Curious Seamstress and dress yourself to *impress!* You will definitely turn some heads with just about anything you choose and, if you are not invited to "the right party" then make your own party!  Invite friends and ring in the New Year properly!  So, go get your party dress and dancing shoes and party on!

Eli (the Party Animal Angel) speaking to you from the blogosphere!

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