Monday, December 17, 2012

Want some totally HOT Coffee? Black Market...Go Now

Okies here it is you fellow coffee hounds!  Yes!  Those of us who are in the eternal search for the perfect cup.  All steaming and offering the warm and happy scents that wake your brain up before you have even taken the first sip.  Yes!  That's what I mean.  So, now imagine you have a sexy mesh top to wear out on your hunt.  A mesh top that, even if you spill on it, is exactly the right color.  Oh yeah.  Always try to color coordinate with your food when eating out.  It makes you more socially acceptable and cuts down on the dry cleaning bills.

Here it is!  The mesh Inaya top in a perfect, light coffee color.  Take a look.  How can you possibly not add this to your wardrobe.  Just get it.  It will be there waiting when you are talking to yourself about not being able to find a top to go with those skinny jeans you just bought. 

So, fashionistas of the virtual world!  Get on over to the Black Market (The Black Market, Calista (88, 198, 23) and get this top from [[Masoom]]!  It's at a special price right now so get it! Get it?

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